Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) are actively responding to emerging issues, government direction and future policies.

Vic PCP 2016 Submissions

  1. Submission to Gaming Machine Arrangements Review – February 2016
  2. Submission to Victorian Gender Equality Strategy Consultation Paper – March 2016

Vic PCP 2015 Submissions

  1. Submission to Roadmap for Reform: strong families; safe children consultation
  2. Submission to Health 2040 Consultation
  3. Submission to the Discussion Paper on Victoria’s next 10-year mental health strategy
  4. Submission to the Primary Health Care Advisory group consultation on Chronic and Complex Conditions – Better Outcomes for People with Chronic Disease and Complex Health Conditions through Primary Health Care – September  2015
  5. Submission to the Review of new arrangements for the delivery of Mental Health Community Support Services and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services – August 2015
  6. Submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into Chronic Disease Prevention and Management – August 2015
  7. Submission to the consultation for the Victorian Public Health and Well Being Plan – July 2015
  8. Submission to the Strengthening DET regional relationships and support: Consultation Paper – May 2015
  9. Submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence – May 2015
  10. Primary Health Networks and Primary Care Partnerships Responding to integrated reform opportunities and challenges; A discussion paper 22 January 2015

For an overview of 2015 PCP reports and submissions refer to  Vic PCPs – Helping Shape the Future of Health & Community Services